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Gargrave 2 – 0 WFC Clitheroe

November 23, 2008

Gargrave played host to WFC Clitheroe in this weeks game at the Rabbits Warren pavilion. Despite the near freezing conditions a capacity crowd was on hand to witness one of the most exciting games of the season so far.

As the game commenced, both teams began to play some fantastic local football that wouldn’t have looked out of place at a higher level. It was Gargrave that took the lead mid way through the 1st half when the chestless (Verb: to have no chest) Ben Brown rounded the keeper, only to be brought down as he looked ready to slot the ball into an empty net.

Despite the protests of the Clitheroe number 7, the penalty was given and Ben Brown followed on from his goal last week and slotted home the spot kick. This seemed to incense the Clitheroe number 7 even more, but his exasperation did nothing to adhere himself to the capacity Gargrave crowd who began to chant..

“We could Possibly Play Football As Well, If Not Better Than You…Number 7….OOOOO…AAAAA…OOOO…AAAA….Number 7″ (x3)

Unfortunately Gargrave’s fans are somewhat lacking when it comes to creating songs.

After the goal Clitheroe decided to push men forward and go all out  to attack in the hopes of leveling the game. Unfortunately they found the uncompromising mad dog Joel Timmins in unbeatable form at the heart of the Gargrave defence.

The game remained level at half time, and Gargrave went into the stinky changing rooms knowing that the next goal would be crucial. Manager Boatwright shared his words of wisdom with the team..

“In football manager, I’d drag a forward arrow on Al Tudhope and take off Christian Moons make inward runs option…so do that”

And in the second half Gargrave did.

Al Tudhope received the ball, and proceeded to run in the direction that arrow told him to. He eventually laid the ball off to Christian Moon, who followed his instruction to the letter and ran down the wing, eventually playing a dangerous ball across the box which found it’s way to the tango based Paul Wilkin who made no mistake from 3 yards out.

Gargrave always looked in control after the 2nd goal and played out the rest of the game for what in the end, turned out to be a comfortable victory, however there were still a few noteable points to come.

1. The Clitheroe number 8 was sick on the pitch

2. A Clitheroe player has an irrational hatred of fizzy orange based drinks, and decided to take it out on Paul Wilkins leg

3. Oliver Hurst came on as a sub for the last 10 minutes and didn’t get booked

Man of the match was awarded to the Gargrave midfielder Richard Orme (Yeah, seriously, Richard Orme!) who managed to play the full 90 minutes, despite having to rush off after the game so he didn’t miss a flight to Kiev.

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