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Luke Boatwright

May 5, 2008

Luke Boatwright

Name: Luke Boatwright

Position: Manager

Favourite Player: Dan Thompson


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  1. Luke on June 11th, 2008 7:05 am

    Well, the celebrations of last year have died down, the hangovers have been surpassed and I no longer look like a tramp (see profile pic). Last year Gargrave AFC Reserves enjoyed unprecedented success claiming a League and Cup double and producing some outstanding performances along the way. Yet, since the season finished on 10th May there has been numerous alterations in terms of management and personel. Now, we are in a difficult situation. Chairman John Thompson made the decision to move Lukey B (me – The Saviour of the Craven League) to the position of First Team manager. Jonathan Chapman made the decision to concentrate solely on the playing side of football and as such the second team are left managerless. As the News Update states we are looking, in fact strike that, desperately searching for someone to step into the role. They will be inheriting a team that has been very successful since its restart 6 seasons ago and the Club want this success to continue.
    We are asking anyone who can spare a few hours a week and has the ability to organise and motivate people to get in touch and offer their services.

    We need the second team to continue. Gargrave has to continue to grow in strength and this is aided by having continued depth.

    Normally my posts are littered with comedic references to my squad. Yet, this week I need to seriously impress upon everybody that without a Second Team Manager Gargrave AFC becomes less of a significant entity. We run the risk of letting good, capable players go and this would be harsh on some of those who have worked hard for both sides over the past few years.

    Anyone who is willing to help out, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    You can contact me on 07877697337




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