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Cowling 3 – 1 Gargrave Reserves

April 3, 2009

A difficult game for the visitors which began before the whistle blew with the Crosshills & District rush hour traffic, this combined with the Leagues new ruling on players having played six matches or more in a higher division during the season being deemed ineligible to play caused a few problems. ( a harsh ruling, out of around twenty games, can a player turning out six times for the first team be really classed as a first team player and then have to miss his last few games with his regular Reserve squad. All clubs with two teams have their floating players who play at times with both squads)???

Keeping the ball on the ground was the key for as soon as it was allowed to bounce on the rock hard surface it could have gone to anyones feet. Cowling seemed to have this theory under control and played some decent football reflecting their status in the division. They were the first on the score sheet as the theory was put into practice .

Gargrave came back into the game in the second half of play and it was Jeff Rotherham who produced another solid performance for his side.

Man of the match, Mattie Simpson ( I`ve got the biggest collection of yellow cards this season) produced a long throw straight to the head of Richard Scott who created a consolation goal for the visitors.


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