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Gargrave AFC 3 – 2 Hellifield Sports FC

April 6, 2009

A local Derby game which always seems to be a close encounter, the last time the teams met was at the first game of the season when the score was a roller coaster with Gargrave taking the lead,Hellifield levelling,Gargrave going in front again and so it continued to see Hellifield eventually winning 7-6!

Gargrave were hoping for a victory on Saturday to keep them near the head of their division but knew Hellifield would put in a good performance. The hosts began confidently creating chances, Christian Moon soon provided top scorer Ben Brown with an opportunity but Brown did not sieze the day. Hellifield began to attack more and broke free but midfielder Jameson ran back to cover well. A Joel Timmins shot was well defended but Ben Browns neat turn on a sixpence foiled Hellifield and it was 1-0 to the hosts. Timmins made no mistake and soon doubled the score with a cracking shot.The  Hellifield strikers were kept under control by the Gargrave defence who proved hard to penetrate with a rock solid performance from Lee Barrett. Top scorer Ben Brown increased the lead to 3-0 just before the break.Gargrave felt comfortable.

Hellifield returned to the second half and began to create more chances, a header was closely followed by a one on one and they were back in the game with a 3-2 scoreline. Gargrave began to wonder if this was going to be another roller coaster of a game? Both teams pushed for goal, Browns shot from an acute angle hit the post, Hellifields Stanforth beat the keeper with his shot and Gargrave defender Dan Thompson needed all his pace to run back and clear off the line, sliding into the posts in the process. End to end action, Hellifields keeper ran up as a corner was taken, the ball was cleared,  Brown sprinted back down the pitch with a clear goal in sight, but it was time out for the whistle blew as he reached the half way line. Another fine encounter from these two local teams.


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