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Mid-season Rant

January 5, 2009

First of all I just want to say that I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Now all of the frivolities are out of the way it is time for us to get back to business.

Now I, like most of my team I hope, want to win something this year. The Craven Cup was an ideal opportunity for Gargrave to raise its profile, however, because of the level of team i was able to field this was not possible. Barnoldswick were a good side but they weren’t that good, with a full strength team we wouldve been in with a shout. Since then I’ve considered my options, I don’t see why I should have to turn up to each and every training session and never miss a Saturday if half my team can’t be bothered to do the same. I work alot and having those days off would be greatly appreciated. Yet, I have made a commitment to this team and my commitment should be echoed by my players’ commitment. If we simply want to go through the motions, turn up and play, not really mind if we win, lose or draw, we can… fact stirke that you can because I don’t accept playing for mediocrity. I want to win, i hate to lose, it nags at me for weeks if I believe there is something that I could’ve done differently. The Barnoldswick game brought a different feeling, I felt let down…..the lads on the pitch gave all they could but we were not a match for Barnoldswick’s quality…..with all my players available we would have been.

I am committed to taking Gargrave forward. I want to challenge on all fronts with regards to the competitions that we are still competing in and as such I am going to start implementing certain rules:

1) If you want to be considered for the first team you must attend training – if you cannot for a legitimate  (nativity plays not included) then you must inform me of your reason. If you do not attend and do not inform me of your reason for why you will be dropped from the first team.

2) If every first team hopeful attends training then the team will be picked on performance and training level – this is at my discretion.

3) The level of your match performance will also be considered (I will discuss with Jimmy).

4) Due to the number of teams that I run, i sned messages regarding football on Friday night, any reasoning for not being able to attend should be sent on Friday night or before 10am on Saturday to give me chance to replace you. If this does not occur you will be dropped from the first team for the following week.

5) Nobody’s place is guaranteed, so this means that you must accept that on occasion you may have to be a substitute. I expect my substitutes to understand their position and help to encourage and support their team-mates, we are a team after all!

Training starts at 7pm – we meet down there at 6.30pm for a warm up depending on the weather – don’t be late, we pay for an hour so lets play for an hour.


Now I know this is a long rant but it gives an equitable and rational explanation of what is to occur throughout the rest of the season. I cannot go on rewarding first team places to people who simply have not earned them……

However, if you are for some reason omitted from the first team squad, make sure that you are available for Jimmy and the 2nds:

To paraphrase Bill Shankly ‘there are two good sides in the Craven League, Gargrave and Gargrave Reserves’

Your adoring first team manager,

Lukey B

The Marmite of the Craven League


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