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Outstanding subs and fines

April 30, 2009

Please can all outstanding subs and fines be paid as soon as possible.

There are three outstanding fines of £8.00 each and one of £9.00. Players names and the dates the fines were first imposed are on the noticeboard in the home changing room.

Thanks, one of the fines was paid last night ( 30th April ), two sendings off last night will probably equate to £35.00 each.Please pay these as soon as I confirm the amounts as I pay them personally the money does not come out of club funds.


P.S   There are a few training tops, t-shirts,sweat shirts etc which have been left in the kit bags or the changing rooms over the season. They will be available to collect from the changing rooms on Thursday 7th May at the final of the NPH Trophy.


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