Gargrave AFC

Gargrave Reserves 0 – 4 Skipton Town FC

February 1, 2010

This was an important game for the two sides lying at the bottom of the table and there was little to choose between them in the first half of play. Man of the match Jodie Lonsdale was the first to have a shot on goal. Skipton were awarded a free kick and the shot was headed off the line by defender Aidie Eyles. The visitors had a chance to take the lead with a one on one with the keeper but they just lacked the finishing composure. Good work from Michael McLachlan stopped Skipton Town as another foray on goal was attempted. Jon Christie had a shot but it lacked any power, the Skipton Town keeper easily saved a strike from Lonsdale. A lob went so close and it looked as if Gargrave had gained the advantage but it was deemed that the ball had not gone over the line. Skipton Town were spurred into action by the call and immediately went up field and scored to take the lead. A good shot from Jonathan Chapman was saved just before the half time whistle.

A long range effort from Ben Ashby went just wide and a header from Jodie Lonsdale went tantilisingly close. A good strike from Skipton Town gave them a 2-0 lead and as some of the Gargrave players began to tire, a third was added and then a fourth from close range. A welcome win for Skipton Town but a disappointing day for Gargrave.


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