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Special meeting of the Craven League….

January 23, 2010

All club secretaries were invited to attend a Special meeting of the Craven League on Tuesday evening the 19th January at The Three Links club in Skipton.

Items on the Agenda:  Members Present. Roll Call. Contact between Clubs and League. Failure to deal with League Business. Treatment of Match Officials. Constitution of the League 2010/11. Rolling Registrations.

The backlog of matches was discussed, those present voted that the League Cup competitions should continue as they had already commenced and for some clubs it was a something to play for at the end of the season. It is likely that a number of matches will have to be played on a night at the end of the season, all clubs must ensure that these go ahead as smoothly as possible, if a particular date is not practical then both clubs must come to a mutual decision for the re-scheduling of them. Matches postponed due to a shortage of players will now result in points awarded to the opposition rather than the standard £25 fine for postponement.Therefore will all players please notify their managers about their availability. A number of our signed on players are only able to play on very rare occasions due to their work or they may live out of the area. Please can they  contact the managers to say when they can play ( all fixtures are on our website) it will make life a lot easier for both Matt and Jimmy particularly when we get to the evening matches. The possibility of smaller divisions was discussed and the creation of five divisions rather than four was  spoken about. It is likely that some new clubs will wish to join the League in the next season.

The chairman, Gerry Aldersley emphasised the importance of the treatment of match officials. Unfortunately there have apparently been one or two incidences recently where either officials or players have let down their clubs and these matters are currently been dealt with by the disciplinary committee of  the West Riding Football Association. Will all players please show the officials the respect they deserve for without them the games could not go ahead. ( hope I am not speaking too soon but well done to the players from both squads at Gargrave for they have only received two yellow cards all season, two for the first team, clean sheet for the Reserves).

Fines continue to be given out for either late or incorrect match reports. Both of these matters greatly increase the work for the Registrations secretary, Mike Topham and also cost the clubs £5 per error. Will Managers please make sure that the match reports are correct and post them off as soon as possible after the game.

The possibility of Rolling Registrations was discussed and will be looked into further. ( basically the club will sign on players one season and once the registration forms are signed and a receipt returned from the Registration secretary they will be placed on a club list, if they wish to remain with the club for future seasons there will be no need to fill in another form, if they want to join a different  club in another season they will be taken off the list and fill in a Registration form for the new club)

Any proposals regarding alterations to the rules or any other proposals regarding League business should be made in writing pre the 31st March via club secretaries. The proposals will then be placed on the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the Craven League which generally takes place in June.


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