Gargrave AFC

Fixture: 22nd January

January 10, 2011

Saturday 22nd January. Kick Off 2.p.m

Gargrave Reserves  Vs  Embsay Reserves

Referee: Jeff Maltsby

Fixtures: 15th – 22nd January

January 10, 2011

Saturday 15th January. Kick Off 2.p.m

Gargrave AFC  Vs  Embsay FC

Referee: Peter Owen.

Saturday 22nd January. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Skipton LMS  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: David Helliwell

Home fixture on the 15th January.

January 10, 2011

Unfortunately despite informing the Craven League about the problems we have with the water supply at the changing rooms and requesting an away fixture on the 15th January they have given us a home fixture!

We requested an away fixture as we know our plumber is unlikely to complete the work this week. Will all players please be aware that there may well be no water ( if we turn the supply on there will be an awful lot just about everywhere) and we may have to use the upstairs changing rooms. We will be unable to use either the showers or the toilets and it may also mean us turning off the electrical supply. Basically you will just have a roof over your head!

The away team Embsay will be informed of the situation. Please keep viewing the web-site in case the situation changes and we do get everything repaired by the 15th January.

No games today – 8th January

January 8, 2011

Unfortunately both games have been called off today, Saturday 8th January.

The home game against Embsay is cancelled because of further burst pipes in the pavilion. Despite draining the system in the bad weather there have still been problems with the water pipes. A repair was undertaken mid week in the away changing rooms with the pipes underneath the sink  so we thought all was well. However when we turned the water on again on Saturday morning there were two bad leaks beneath the sink in the upstairs room of the pavilion, water coming through the ceiling in the ladies changing room ( this was very close to an electrical supply) and water coming from behing the tiled area underneath the home sinks. Therefore in the interests of safety we had no alternative but to call the game off.

The away game was cancelled at Ighton Leigh apparently on Friday but we had received no messages about this. It was just fortunate that we checked about this game when we had to cancel our own at home or the Reserves would have had the long journey to Burnley for nothing.

Hopefully back to normal next week -so watch this space!  ( The Reserve squad will be in action in the Craven FA Norman Pratt Quarter final game, away at Embsay Reserves. 1.30.k.o )

Craven FA Norman Pratt Trophy Quarter final.

January 5, 2011

Saturday 15th January 2011

Embsay Reserves   Vs   Gargrave Reserves

Kick Off 1.30.p.m.

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