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Gargrave AFC 3 – 6 Skipton LMS

April 15, 2011

This was Gargraves last game of the season against one of the top clubs in the Premiership. Manager Matt Brown was unavailable so brother Ben stepped into the breach. Regular keeper Adam Hudson was injured so in an unusual move of positions striker and top scorer Ben went between the sticks. Clearly having kept his keeper skills under wraps all these years with the club Ben looked more than comfortable in goal. Though on the ten minute mark after a strong run from Chris Simpson who found the head of team mate the ball was headed with power into the net. Midfielder Richard Orme soon levelled with an excellent free kick and it was game on. Brown played well and continued to make some good saves as Gargrave struggled to hold some of the more physically strong players in the LMS squad. An unstoppable shot gave LMS a 2-1 lead, followed by a close range effort and then a fourth goal to give the visitors a good 4-1 cushion at the break.

It was Simpson again who caused problems minutes into the second half when his angled shot found the back of the net. Gargrave never gave up the cause and the famous Orme free kick found the head of defender and captain Matthew Brennand who made no mistake.Ben Brown then reverted to his striker role and handed his goalkeeper jersey to defender Dan Thompson. An injury or two also meant a re-shuffle and the young Reserve team players William Beckwith and Josh Prell were brought on, both adding extra bite to the game. LMS were to score their sixth goal of the game but Gargrave came back yet again with the best goal of the game a forty yard screamer from Si Boatwright. Man of the match for Gargrave was the hard working Christian Moon.


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