Gargrave AFC

Fixture: Saturday 9th January

January 1, 2010

Cowling FC  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: Brian Booth.

Kick Off 2.p.m.

Fixture – 19th December…

December 10, 2009

Craven FA Morrison Cup Game

Saturday 19th December. Kick Off 1.30.p.m.

Gargrave AFC  Vs  Long Preston FC


Fixtures: 5th – 12th December

November 25, 2009

Saturday 5th December. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Skipton LMS  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: Rob Halley.

Saturday 12th December. EARLY KICK OFF 1.30.P.M


Gargrave  AFC  Vs  Waddington FC

Referee: Tony Venn

Fixtures: 21st November to 28th November

November 3, 2009

Saturday 21st November. KICK OFF 1.30.P.M


Pendle Athletic  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: Stuart Hoyle.

Saturday 28th November.

No game .

Craven FA Morrison Cup-First Round draw..

November 1, 2009

Saturday November 21st – Please note an early kick off : 1.30.p.m

Pendle Athletic   Vs    Gargrave AFC

Referee: Stuart Hoyle.

Fixtures: 7-14th November -

October 31, 2009

Saturday 7th November. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Waddington  FC  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: Mick Doyle

Saturday 14th November.Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave AFC  Vs  Grindleton FC

Referee: Jason Payne

Fixtures: 17th October to 31st October

October 12, 2009

Saturday 17th October

Cononley Sports  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: Andy Bentham

Saturday 24th October

Gargrave  AFC  Vs  Waddington FC

Referee: Charles Veighey

Saturday 31st October

WFC Clitheroe   Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: David Helliwell

Fixtures 26th September – 10th October

September 17, 2009

Saturday 26th September. Kick Off 1.30.p.m. PLEASE NOTE EARLIER KICK OFF TIME.


Gargrave  AFC  Vs  Embsay FC

Referee: Brian Booth.

Saturday 3rd October. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave  AFC  Vs  Rolls Royce

Referee: David Helliwell.

Saturday 10th October. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Grindleton  FC  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: Charles Veighey

Fixtures: Tuesday 18th August to Saturday 19th September.

August 6, 2009

Tuesday 18th August. Kick Off 6.30.p.m

Gargrave FC  Vs Grassington FC.  Referee Charles Veighey.

Saturday 22nd August.Kick Off 2.p.m. The venues have been switched, this game will now be played at Gargrave.

WFC Clitheroe  Vs  Gargrave FC. Referee Ian Walsh.

Tuesday 25th August.Kick Off 6.30.p.m

Pendle  Athletic  Vs  Gargrave FC. Referee Brian Booth.

Saturday 29th August. Kick Off 2.p.m

Gargrave FC  Vs  Skipton LMS. Referee Andy Bentham.

Saturday 5th September. Kick Off 2.p.m

Gargrave  FC  Vs  Long Lee Jnrs. Referee Andy Bentham.

Saturday 12th September. Kick Off 2.p.m

Gargrave FC  Vs Cononley Sports. Referee Mark Mercer.

Saturday 19th September . Kick Off 2.p.m

Craven FA Challenge Cup First Round

Gargrave FC  Vs  Rimington . Referee: W.Naylor

Fixtures : 14th April – 30th April

April 14, 2009

Tuesday 14th April. Kick Off 6.30.p.m.

Skipton LMS  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: N.McEvoy.

Saturday 18th April – NO GAME

Saturday 25th April. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Grindleton FC  Vs  Gargrave AFC

Referee: M.Doyle

Thursday 30th April. Kick Off 6.30.p.m

Northern Plant Hire Semi Final.

Gargrave AFC  vs Embsay FC

Referee: To be arranged.

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