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Fixtures: 7th February – 21st February

January 30, 2009

Saturday 7th February.

No League game scheduled for Gargrave AFC Reserves

Saturday 14th February. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave AFC Reserves  Vs  AFC Padiham

Referee: A.Robinson

Saturday 21st February.Kick Off 1.30 p.m


Gargrave AFC Reserves  Vs Rimington Reserves

Fixtures: 17th January – 31st January

January 16, 2009

17th January. Kick Off 2.p.m

Gargrave AFC Reserves  Vs  Oakworth FC

Referee: B. Booth

24th January. Kick Off 2.p.m.

AFC  Padiham  Vs  Gargrave AFC  Reserves

Referee: M.Doyle

31st January. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave  AFC Reserves  Vs  Rolls Royce FC

Referee: T.Davey.

Fixture for Saturday 17th January.

January 10, 2009

Saturday 17th January. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave AFC Reserves  Vs  Oakworth FC.

First fixtures of 2009

December 18, 2008

Saturday 3rd January. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave AFC Reserves  Vs  Oakworth FC

Referee: T.Davey.

Saturday 10th January. Kick Off 2.p.m.

AFC Padiham  Vs  Gargrave AFC Reserves

Referee: M.Mercer.

Fixtures- Saturday 29th Nov – Saturday 13th Dec

November 21, 2008

Saturday 29th November.

Reserve squad – No Game.

Saturday 6th December. Kick Off

AFC Padiham  Vs  Gargrave AFC Reserves.

Referee: M.Doyle.

Saturday 13th December. KICK OFF 1.30.P.M.

Division One League Cup.

Embsay FC  Vs  Gargrave AFC Reserves

Referee: A.Greenwood.

Fixture for Saturday 22nd November

November 7, 2008

Bradley FC   Vs   Gargrave AFC Reserves

Referee: G.Hoggarth

Kick Off 2.p.m.

Craven FA Cup Competitions.

October 25, 2008

Norman Pratt Trophy. Saturday 15th November. Kick Off 1.30.p.m.

Settle United Reserves  Vs  Gargrave FC Reserves.

Referee: H.Rudden.

Fixtures: 25th October – 8th November.

October 16, 2008

Saturday 25th October. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Oakworth FC  Vs  Gargrave FC Reserves.                                   Referee: T.Davey.

Saturday 1st November. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Earby Town FC  Vs  Gargrave FC Reserves                                  Referee: A.Greenwood.

Saturday 8th November. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Rolls Royce FC  Vs  Gargrave FC Reserves.                                  Referee: A.Hosker.

Fixtures for the 11th and 18th October.

October 2, 2008

Saturday 11th October.

Gargrave AFC Reserves  Vs  Trawden Celtic FC

Referee: M.Hillary.

Saturday 18th October.

Bingley Town FC  Vs  Gargrave AFC Reserves

Referee: To be appointed.

Fixtures for 27th Sept and 4th Oct

September 17, 2008

Saturday 27th September

No Game

Saturday 4th October

Embsay FC  Vs  Gargrave AFC Reserves

Referee: T.Venn

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