Gargrave AFC

Fixtures – 4th – 18th December

November 27, 2010

Saturday 4th December


Gargrave Reserves  Vs  Earby Town

Saturday 11th December

Bradley FC  Vs  Gargrave Reserves




Fixture: 27th November.

November 15, 2010

Saturday 27th November. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Ighton Leigh  Reserves  Vs  Gargrave Reserves

Ground – Shuttleworth College, Padiham Road.

Referee: Peter Owen.

Fixtures: 6 – 20th November

November 1, 2010

Saturday 6th November. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Long Preston FC  Vs  Gargrave Reserves

Referee: W.Hawthorn

Saturday 13th November. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave Reserves  Vs  Bradley FC

Referee: J.Maltsby

Saturday 20th November. Kick Off 1.30.p.m ( Please note the earlier kick off time )

Craven FA Norman Pratt Trophy game

Gargrave Reserves  Vs  Pendle Renegade Reserves

First game of the season- 2010/11

August 20, 2010

Tuesday 31st August. Kick Off 6.15/6.30

Pendle Renegades  Vs  Gargrave Reserves

(Sough Park, Earby )

Referee: W.Hawthorn.

Saturday 11th September. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave Reserves  Vs  Earby Town FC

Referee: Graham Hoggarth.

Fixtures: 27th February – 13th March

February 17, 2010

Saturday 27th February. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Chatburn FC  Vs  Gargrave Reserves

Referee: Charles Veighey

Saturday 6th March. Please note early kick off. 1.30.p.m

Division One League Cup

Gargrave Reserves  Vs  AFC Padiham

Referee: Stuart Hoyle

Saturday 13th March.

To be arranged, dependant on the result on the 6th March. Gargrave Reserves or AFC Padiham Vs Silsden Whitestar ( however if Gargrave do win the fixture on the 6th they cannot play their next cup game at home on the 13th March because the first team are already drawn at home in  the Premier league cup. Therefore it is likely that Gargrave Reserves will be awarded an away league fixture for today and if they do get through to the second round vs Silsden Whitestar it will be played in the next couple of weeks)

Fixtures: 6th February – 20th February

February 1, 2010

Saturday 6th February

Bradley FC   Vs  Gargrave Reserves

Referee: Mark Mercer

Saturday 13th February

Gargrave Reserves   Vs  Skipton LMS Reserves

Referee: Mark Mercer

Saturday 20th February

Oakworth FC  Vs  Gargrave Reserves

Referee: Stuart Hoyle

Fixtures 23rd-30th January…

January 18, 2010

Saturday 23rd January.

No Game

Saturday 30th January. Kick Off 2.p.m.

Gargrave Reserves  Vs  Skipton Town FC

Referee: Charles Veighey.

Saturday 16th January..

January 12, 2010

* The Reserve squad have no game

Fixture: Saturday 9th January

January 1, 2010

Gargrave Reserves  Vs  Bradley FC

Referee: Charles Veighey

Kick Off 2.p.m.

Fixture: Saturday 19th December….Kick Off 2.p.m.

December 13, 2009

Chatburn FC  Vs  Gargrave Reserves

Referee: Alan Davidson.

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