Gargrave AFC

The New Season 2008/2009

July 28, 2008

Well let’s start with a review -

The first team last year somewhat underachieved. After a flying start to the season, in which some great displays were produced, they failed to maintain their form. Absentees and injuries didn’t help and the struggle for a regular goalkeeper also posed numerous problems. Towards the end of the season morale seemed low but also the lack of an imminent threat was somewhat apparent with no chance of a high finish but no chance of relegation, the last few games were almost like going through the motions. The major plus point was another sterling Morrison Cup run which was cruelly ended on penalties. It was a game which Gargrave completely dominated and a game of oh-so-nearlys. On three occasions the usually calm and collected finishing of Kevin Newhouse seemed wild and nervy, with moments to go at the end of the game he also failed to make contact with a ball dropping over his head, a difficult finish but one he knew he should have done better with. The major plus point is that Settle did go on to win the competition and when you outplay the subsequent Champions you have something to be proud of, especially when Settle ran riot over Grassington (reigning Premier League Champs and completely useless) in the final – genuinely it could’ve been 10-1.

The Second Team – “my precious” – at the beginning of the season I was told to expect a much harder task, I dismissed that as completely unfounded, we were undefeated Division Two Champs, we were invincible, first game of the new season – Loss! I was worried. I really didn’t know what to do with myself. Second game – draw (with Carleton) – I was panicking. I needn’t have worried but when you’re third to bottom at Christmas, with Oxenhope away in the league cup quarter and Barnoldswick Town in the Norman Pratt trophy – what’s your aim? Just put a brave face on it and hope that we don’t get embarrassed. Suddenly, however, came a performance, a great display at Grindleton followed by an amazing display at Oakworth, a cuple of cup victories and we were flying. We won 12 out of 13 games, we produced the goods and we ended up as League and League Cup winners, Double Winners – coming from nothing! We also managed to reach the Norman Pratt trophy final and after a replay, it was penalties which cost us an amazing treble.

This year – my thoughts & expectations;

Contrasting fortunes for the two sides but now we are finally united. Now this separation may be my fault, from years of keeping the teams separate – that’s water under the bridge now. All talk of disbanded group of lads, of ‘first teamers’ & ’second teamers’ ends here. We are Gargrave whichever side you play for, you play with commitment and passion. If you don’t want to play for Gargrave, don’t sign the form, you are more than welcome to leave. If you don’t like the way I coach then you are more than welcome to leave. I cannot make you stay. Know that I cannot guarantee anybody first team football but if you train hard and play hard you will be considered at every turn. You must also be willing to accept your limitations, I am not here to teach you how to control a ball or how to kick a ball, those are basics you should already know. As such, it is possible that you simply aren’t good enough to play for the first team, this does not mean you are not an asset to Gargrave, you can be but know that there are limitations that I have to implicate, that is that if you can’t make the grade then you cannot play.

This job has cost me numerous friends, it’s had me threatened and insulted and yet I will not change. I believe in my style of football. I have on occasion got this wrong, people are fallible, however, I am a winner, my teams are winners. I hate losing, I feel like I have let down myself and alll those around me, it grates me until I have chance to rectify it. For me, my week is not complete without football, it’s a release from a working week which bores me into submission. For most of us this could be a crowning glory, all these seasons with Gargrave and we’ve never lifted that Premiership Trophy, we’ve won it all but never have any of the current crop lifted that trophy for Gargrave – that is our holy grail. That is our dream. It’s not impossible but it’ll be hard work.

I can see that I have got the makings of a great side. A side more than capable of lifting that Premiership Trophy. That’s evidently our aim, to create a team strong enough of challenging for that title. We need winners, we need believers but most of all we need a team. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, teams are not going to hand us the title. We are not a liked side, especially not with me in charge. So we need to be a strong, united side. A group (as the kids in the hood that I live in say, “a posse” or “a crew”) which plays for one another and group which believes in one another – a group united in the belief that we can be champions.

Now for the Stats in the Premiership -

Last Season -

Winners – Grassington (useless) 47 points
2nd Place – LMS (threw away the league) 45 points

With 12 sides in the league -

Win every home game = 11 x 3 = 33 points
Draw every way game = 11 x 1 = 11 points

We would end up in the top three.

This would be a good league finish. However, we need more. Four points more. So we need 16 wins out of 22 games, this is the simplest way to succeed.

Teams in the Premier League -

Gargrave AFC
Grassington FC (useless)
Oxenhope (former reserve team)
Pendle Athletic
Long Lee (thugs)
Skipton LMS
Skipton Town
Waddington (great shorts)
Cononley Sports
Clitheroe Lions
WFC Clitheroe

Pre-Season Friendlies -

Howden Clough 2 – 3 Gargrave – Watson, Tudhope & Jameson

Gargrave v Keighley Shamrocks Thurs 31st July 6.30pm Kick Off

Gargrave v Skipton Town Sat 2nd August 2pm Kick Off

Gargrave v Pendle Forest Tues 5th August 6.30pm Kick Off

Settle United v Gargrave Thurs 7th August 6.30pm Kick Off

Howden Clough Vs Gargrave

July 26, 2008

Gargrave AFC had originally arranged to host a friendly match against the West Yorkshire side of Howden Clough. However due to ground unavailability, the roles were reversed and the Craven side made the journey to Batley sports centre on Saturday ( 26th July ) . Gargrave were to face a side playing at a higher level than themselves,  with teams in the West Yorkshire premier and the Spen Valley League.                                 

The visitors took the lead with a tap in from Sam Watson , Howden Clough replied with two goals to take the advantage. Al Tudhope levelled the scoring with another tap in. The win was sealed for Gargrave when Liam Jameson scored from a free kick with minutes to go.

An excellent team performance from all players with a special mention for Liam Jameson and Kristian Hodgson.A memorable win in sweltering conditions. A big thank you to Howden Clough for their kind hospitality and best wishes to them for a successful season.

New Season -

July 23, 2008

As the new season draws closer our attention is now turned to getting the ground and facilities ready. John, Dan, Luke, Chappie and Sam.B did a great job some weeks ago when they spent much of one Saturday re-turfing, re-newing and re-seeding the goal mouths,centre circle and penalty areas. The work has been really beneficial and this combined with regular  grass mowings see`s the pitch in good heart.  However, the grass around the goalposts,edge of the stand,railings and car park needs strimming,weeds need removing by the pavilion,sign boards need re-hanging etc. etc. Please if anyone can volunteer to help with any of these fairly minor jobs just get in touch via the contact link.

Anyone interested in displaying a sign board at the ground? Where else can you advertise your business for less than a £1.00 per week?? The boards currently in place measure approx. 8ft x 3ft. For further details again use our contact link at the top of the page. If you need someone to give you a quote for a  signboard please contact Simon at All Signage, Craven Nursery Park, Skipton. Tel: 01756  709365.

And there`s more !  We are hoping that Gary will be able to speak ( briefly ) to players pre season regarding Players personal accident insurance. ( he visited us a couple of seasons ago ) . The club hold their own  policy but  the cover is only basic with a small payout per week  for the time in which the claimant cannot work. Therefore it is important that players are aware of the significance of also taking out their own Personal accident policy which can guarantee more realistic  payouts and will also cover the policy holder for accidents happening elsewhere than on the football field. The cost per year  probably equates to what you might spend over a couple of  wild weekends! Please, I cannot emphasise the importance of this cover, if you need Gary to give you a quick call to discuss the insurance prior to his visit,contact me for his number,there is no pressure selling whatsoever,just sound advice. If during the season anyone has to miss work through injury sustained on the field, they must be made aware that all injuries have to be reported to Caroline within 14 days of the accident or the Insurance Company will deem the claim invalid. ( I  cannot make a claim to the company if I am not made aware that there has been an accident which deems work impossible).

Nearly there! – We all extend a warm welcome to Howden Clough who will be travelling from Batley on Saturday ( 26th July ) to play us in a friendly game at Sandylands. It will be good experience for our lads to play a team from outside of the area who play at a higher level. We look forward with interest to see the result. Good luck and enjoy.

Top Scorers – 2008/2009

July 18, 2008

Here is the top scorers table, it’s updated whenever someone remembers to do it.

You can sort it however you like by clicking on the column names. (Sort by total goals, cup goals, etc.)

Player 1st Team 2nd Team Cup Total
Adam Hudson 0 0 0 0
Al Tudhope 1 0 0 1
Ben Brown 26 0 2 28
Christian Moon 8 0 6 14
Dan Thompson 0 0 0 0
Ian Dinning 0 0 0 0
James Wilkin 0 0 0 0
Jonathan Chapman 0 1 1 2
Adrian Eyles 0 0 0 0
Joel Timmins 6 0 2 8
Oliver Hurst 3 0 0 3
Matt Brennand 0 0 0 0
Martin Eyles 0 0 0 0
Matt Brown 0 0 1 1
Matthew Hurst 0 0 0 0
Nick Kendall 0 0 0 0
Sam Watson 0 0 1 1
Stuart Wilson 0 0 0 0
Simon Boatwright 0 1 0 1
Richard Orme 3 0 0 3
Paul Wilkin 7 0 7 14
Kristian Hodgson 0 0 0 0
Liam Jameson 4 1 0 5
Ben Ashby 0 0 0 0
Sam Ashby 0 3 1 4
Tom Varey 0 3 0 3
Harry Thompson 0 1 0 1
Matthew Simpson 0 9 0 9
Jamie Cartman 1 4 0 5
Richard Scott 0 4 2 6
Kevin Newhouse 2 0 0 2
Neil Banks 0 1 0 1
Nick Manger 0 0 1 1
Mark Webb 0 2 0 2
Geoff Rotherham 0 0 1 1
Lee Barrett 0 0 1 1

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