Gargrave AFC

Gargrave Show……

August 16, 2016

Any help would be gratefully received on Saturday 20th August for the clearing of the showfield. The Football club receive a donation from the Show for undertaking this work. Please meet at the field in front of Eshton Hall at 6.p.m, it is a case of many hands make light work.

Though we don`t have a team in the Craven League we still need funds to continue to  maintain our ground.

Team withdrawn……

August 3, 2016

The Craven FA and the Craven League have both been informed that Gargrave AFC are withdrawing from all competitions in the forthcoming season.

The decision has not been taken lightly but due to lack of players there was no alternative. Despite the power of social media, word of mouth, website and local awareness we have insufficient players coming forward to field a regular side.

A small number of players are available on a regular basis but their numbers were not sufficient to allow for injuries and unavailabilty. These commited players held a meeting after their training session on Tuesday evening and reluctantly agreed that they had no option but to fold.

The officers at Gargrave Football club would like to acknowledge these players and the support they have given to the club, some for many years and some for a few latterly. In particular special mention must go to Jonathon Chapman who has given tremendous service to Gargrave AFC  both as a player and a Manager.


Gargrave AFC