Gargrave AFC

Season 2016/17

May 25, 2016

A lack of players at certain points last year meant the cancellation of three games during the season, sadly this meant that all the points were awarded to the opposition teams on each occasion which obviously can affect the league positions at the end of the season.

We need players for the 2016/17 season , either new to the club or returning ones. Regular players are a bonus but players also welcome who can play now and again. We want to keep the club up and running but can only do this if we have enough player support. It is costly to the club when we have to cancel a game ( £25.00 fine each time ) and we  incurr the wrath of both the Craven League and often the opposition too.

The AGM will be taking place at the Sports Pavilion within the next couple of weeks and the date will be posted on this site.


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