Gargrave AFC

Matthew Simpson

October 10, 2008

Matthew SimpsonName: Matthew Simpson

Position: Striker

Enjoys: Moving on up, and moving on out

Nick Kendall

June 24, 2008

Nick KendallName:Nick Kendall

Position: Midfield/Defence

Famous For: Once having really long hair

Oliver Hurst

June 9, 2008

Pete Thomas

Name: Oliver Hurst

Position: Midfield

Favourite Item Of Clothing: Mankini

Matt Brown

May 5, 2008

Matt Brown

Name: Matt Brown

Position: Midfield/Forward

Favourite Hair Style: Bizzare

Matthew Hurst

May 5, 2008

Matthew Hurst

Name: Matthew Hurst

Position: All Rounder/Runs A Lot

Favourite Bird: Eagle

Matt Brennand

May 5, 2008

The Widow Maker

Name: Matt Brennand

Position: Defender

Favourite Cheese: Chedder

Gargrave AFC